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Telecommunications occupy one of the leading scopes of ORBITA ENGINEERING activities. It consists of periodical and operational maintenance activities, installation, adjustment and integration of telecommunications equipment, troubleshooting on sites and round-the-clock monitoring of network.



  • Turnkey project Solution
    Consist of Technical Survey, permissions, site acquisition, Installation, Test and configuration acceptance and supervision works. All works are directed to integration of new, fully functional objects into current mobile telecommunications network.
    The installation, adjustment and startup of new sites are focused on integration of new, full-function objects into customer’s operational network or the construction of new independent sites. Our experts will perform installation of equipment or site according to working projects in the shortest time in accordance with accepted norms and standards, prepare for on-airing and perform integration of site, previously having conducted all the necessary tests.
  • Core Deployment
    Consists of technical site survey, Installation/de installation of CN (Core Network) Elements (HLR, SCP, MSC/VLR, BSC, TRC, Remote BSC, EIR etc.), commissioning and integration of CN (Core Network), Acceptance and Documentation.
  • Operation and Maintenance
    Consists of periodical maintenance works, during which all indoor and outdoor equipment is being tested. Also specialist makes control gauging and data registration of parameters, influencing object operations and life safety of auxiliary personnel. Completed maintenance works in accordance with standards mean that there’s no any fault on object.
  • Round-the-clock 24/7/365 day Customer care services
    Consist monitoring and operative troubleshooting in network objects. Our company understands importance of network’s maximum performance. To provide this we have created a department, which makes network monitoring, technical support in troubleshooting, fault elimination management and control. This department consists of specialists of telecommunications branch, who round the clock look after the network, reveal different faults, direct fault teams and control the process of fault elimination till the end, besides performing the functions of operational management. This department disposes vast databases, which keep the most complete information about network objects, such as location details, access conditions, equipment configuration, etc. The troubleshooting teams, coordinated by Help Desk, work in stand-by conditions, providing 24 hours service.
  • Special solutions
    Consist on the base of customer requirement turnkey solutions as Mobile BTS, Repeater, and Eco-cooling, Camouflage of base station projection, installation, operation and maintenance activities.
  • Material Management and Inventory tracking
  • Supervision and Acceptance activities

Our staff consists of the best service specialists of telecommunications objects, being able quickly and exactly solves complicated questions within their specialty area. Our engineers are constantly improving their skills, enriching the knowledge on various trainings, which are organized by our company; they share the experience with employees of friendly companies, combining it with huge experience gained during their work.

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