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Air-conditioning systems

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We work with all the air-conditioners trademarks and offer air-conditioner installation for your apartment, summer residence or others building spaces.

We managed to come to a high engineering level on Ukrainian market and create a team of experts, which is trusted by many companies and physical persons.


  • Calculation of capacity requirements;
  • Installation;
  • Periodical and emergency maintenance.

Virtually, 80 percents of AC breakages happen because of wrong installation. That’s why we pay special attention to our assemblers’ qualification improvement. A long-term background of AC systems installation and qualified personnel allow us to provide a quality product.

What we use for AC installation is dependable and high-quality materials only. All the stuff required for system installation is included in the total price.

Don’t save on materials. If you’re offered a low price, it means the company saves their money on expendable materials. Using low-quality copper pipes can result in micro cracks and breakages at bended pipe points, expanders (block connecting-pipe connections). It all, in its turn, leads to Freon leakage.

Due to collateral losses bad thermo isolator can make the split-system power decrease and cause condensed fluid formation on backbone cold sections. So do you need a lop-sided block fastened to rusty brackets and a leaking draining pipe? Saving of expense will be lost.

AC systems are installed in the shortest time and for a minimum price. You can choose time including weekends and holidays. We give a 1 year guarantee for all types of work if the exploitation rules are followed.

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